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Limited Access to Death Master File Updates
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Limited Access Death Master File Access Changes

“Is it time for you to recertify?

This note is to remind those of you whose Limited Access Death Master File (LADMF) certification will expire next month or soon thereafter that in order to retain your access to the LADMF under the current temporary certification program, you must:
  1. Pay the $200 certification fee at and

  2. Submit a certification application (available at before your current certification expires, and

  3. Sign an amendment to your agreement. Your Agreement may be renewed on an annual basis for up to five years by a written amendment, available at Non-federal Subscriber Agrmt Amendment.docx for the Subscriber Agreement or Licensee Agrmt Amendment.docx for the Licensee Agreement, signed by you, and contingent upon your executing the current version of the Subscriber Certification Form annually and fulfilling any and all other requirements set forth in NTIS regulations found at 15 CFR part 1110.
If you get your certification application in before your current certification expires, your access will not be interrupted while your certification application is being reviewed.

When you recertify, your certification will be good for another year, even after the Final Rule, which will change certification requirements, is in place. Please note that you must report any change in your status that applies to certification criteria. If you apply to recertify after the Final Rule is implemented, you will have to fulfill the requirements of the Final Rule. We do not know when the Final Rule will be implemented, but remind you that the comment period for the Proposed Final Rule ( will end on March 30. Written comments on this proposed rule must be submitted via”.

Request for Comments on the DMF Subscriber Certification Form

NTIS published a notice in the Federal Register on August 22, 2014 (79 FR 49755), requesting comments on the DMF Subscriber Certification form. The notice can be viewed at Written comments had to have been submitted on or before October 21, 2014.

Interim Final Rule Available

The Interim Final Rule, "Temporary Certification Program for Access to the Death Master File," was published in the Federal Register (79 FR 16668) and took effect on March 26. It may be reviewed at

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